Hygienic wall cladding

At Midas, our hygienic wall cladding solves all the problems that porous ceramic tiling poses. Easy to clean, durable and moisture resistant, this sterile solution means you don’t have to worry about jeopardising production. Simply give us a call – a member of our team in Dover will visit your site in Kent or the South East, get everything measured and give you a fully costed quote. Easy. Get in touch today.

Keep bacteria at bay

Our hygienic cladding doesn’t crack, doesn’t have grout and won’t come away from the wall. That means moisture and other contaminants can’t permeate the surface, so it stays safe. These antibacterial properties mean it can be retrofitted almost anywhere, including surgical rooms and food preparation areas. Coupled with anti slip flooring and a custom extraction system, you have everything you need to create a sterile environment.

Cladding that doesn’t compromise

Different environments have different requirements. We also offer a range of stainless steel products and cladding which can be fabricated specifically for your business. Available in a range of finishes, we can help you customize your kitchen or commercial work space.

Contact us today To find out how hygienic cladding can help your business, contact our team in Dover today. We cover London and the South East.

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